Enwork National IPA Contract


National IPA Contract

Contract #:

R142204      –       Effective Dates: 5/1/2015 –  4/30/2018

Effective Dates:

5/1/2015 –  4/30/2018

Price Lists:

Enwork Price List, V12

National IPA Membership:

Public entities must register to use this contract; Registration is FREE;


End User Pricing:

End User Pricing
0-$120,000: 62% off list
$120,001-$500,000: 66% off list
$500,001+: 68% off list


Dealer Pricing
0-$120,000: 68% off list
$120,001-$500,000: 72% off list
$500,001+: 75% off list


Orders less that $1000 net, $100 freight fee; Over $1000 net, freight included;

Design Services:

Quoted on a per project basis no more than $60/hr;


Quoted per project, non-union services no more than $50/hr;

Ordering & Remit to:

If a dealer is placing the order, a copy of the National IPA member’s purchase order must accompany the dealer purchase order;


c/o Participating Dealer
12900 Christopher Dr.
Lowell, MI 49331-9420





For further information, please call us at:

800.753.2537 or email mcs@csflorida.com