ERG International GSA Program


GS-27F-021DA 71 I Office Furniture – All SIN #’s not listed below
GS-27F-020DA (SIN #’s 71-302 Training Rooms, 71-305 Library Furniture 71-308 Cafeteria Food Service Furniture)

March 30,2016 – March 29,2021
Price Lists:
Price List Dated July, 2015;
End User Pricing:


0-$49, 999                            55% off list;
$50,000-$99,999                  56% off list
$100,000-$499,999                57% off list
$500,000-1,000,000               58% off list


7% of Net, Minimum $130;


May be added as a separate line item titled Installation — Open Market

Ordering & Payment:

All projects must be registered prior to receipt of order, or purchase order must be made out to:


ERG International

c/o Participating Dealer



ERG International

Attn: Government Sales Department

361 N. Bernoulli Circle

Oxnard, CA 93030


Telephone: 800.446.1186

Fax:  805.981.9878

For further information, please call us at:

800.753.2537 or email

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