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CS - CEUs - Akouo

Acoustics... It's All Greek to Me

Participants will learn to better understand acoustics and will discover its importance to the design process; which they will then be able to translate directly, and instantly, to the benefit of both present and pending projects.

  • Discovery: Why acoustical elements should be designed into your project from the very beginning
  • Learning: Why acoustics are important to the success of your project
  • Exploration: Acoustics don’t have to be boring
  • Conversation: Good acoustics provide both a healthy environment and a healthy bottom line
IDCEC course ID CEU-116120 | HSW designation | 1 credit hour

Acoustics: The Key to Happier and Healthier Workspaces

This session aims to educate designers, architects, and facility managers about the need to consider acoustics at the start of a project.

  • Attendees will gain insights and a better understanding of the importance and impact of sound in a daily working environment. The instructor will share tips and tricks on mastering and balancing sound with examples from different case studies.
  • Additionally, attendees will be motivated to introduce more biophilic and biometric designs, recognizing how these can contribute to creating better acoustic treatments.
  • Finally, attendees will be equipped to create a perfect ’sound frame’ for quiet and happier workspaces.

IDCEC code: 12-00002214 | AIA code: CEU-10022

Topic: Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) for Architects

CS - CEUs - BuzziSpace (1)
CS - CEUs - BuzziSpace 2

The Power of Acoustic Lighting

This course showcases how adequate acoustics and lighting play a key role on mental health and physical well-being in the workspace.

  • Attendees will discover the importance and impact of sound and light in the daily office environment, learning how these elements affect productivity and the well-being of the occupants of the office space.
  • Attendees will gain a better understanding of the theory behind acoustics and lighting, learning how acoustic lighting balances the acoustics in a room while improving the lighting in the space to improve office space comfort.
  • Attendees will learn through examples on how to design for open spaces, meeting rooms, and lobbies to create a better-balanced sound and light plan.

IDCEC code: 12-00002214 | AIA code: CEU-10022

Topic: Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) for Architects

Beyond the Classroom

Meeting and learning outdoors creates a people/student first environment. Creating intentional spaces for collaboration and learning has been shown to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. In this course, we will discuss the importance of including outdoor learning environments in educational facilities, risks of excluding these types of spaces, and the relationship to physical health, mental wellbeing, and academic performance.


Join us for a virtual presentation on May 23 at 12:00 EST to earn 1 LU | HSW from both IDCEC and AIA. Register now »


IDCEC – 1.0 HSW Designation | AIA – 1.0 LUIHSW Designation

Course: CEU-120913

CS - CEUs - Ghent HCAHPS

HCAHPS: What Does It Mean; Its Role in Patient Communication

Every day a new acronym is thrown our way. While HCAHPS has been around for the better part of a decade, understanding how furnishings, particularly something as simple as a whiteboard, can affect patient engagement is confusing. 


This CEU will define HCAHPS and explain the key role design plays in achieving higher scores. Discover Ghent’s product applications and relevance to help understand how to improve scores through design.


1 Credit | 1 Hour

LEVEL: The Multi-Attribute Sustainability Program for the Future

LEVEL® by BIFMA is a sustainability certification program that evaluates products, manufacturers, and brands ensuring they meet environmentally preferable and socially responsible furniture standards that contribute to sustainable building ratings. 

Learn about the 3-tier rating system, eco-friendly requirements, certified Ghent products, and more.

1 Credit | 1 Hour

CS - CEUs - Ghent LEVEL
CS - CEUs - Ghent Sustainability

Demystifying Furniture's Role in Sustainability

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for generations to come. 



This CEU takes a look towards the future in sustainability for the furniture industry. We discuss how and when furniture connects to building ratings like LEED and WELL and when it does not. 


We also shed light on how to understand the differences between common sustainability standards like Declare, GreenGuard, and more.



1 credit hour

A View Into Healthcare

The CEU is focused on the issues and needs of the aging population. It is intended to help guide designers by offering practical solutions and meaningful design interventions to benefit this population in outpatient and inpatient settings.

  • Understand care population and design implications within acute and outpatient care settings
  • Provision of design solutions for older adults within healthcare settings
  • Provision of resources to assist with designing for older adults
IDCEC approved for .1 HSW CEU credit
CS - CEUs - Krug A View Into Healthcare
CS - CEUs - Krug Post Pandemic Workplace

The Post Pandemic Workplace

This CEU is focused on ways designers can implement meaningful design interventions that address the needs of employees in order to elevate performance in the post pandemic era.

  • Explore the emerging trends impacting work, workers, and the workplace
  • Understand how these trends affect companies and the way we work
  • Obtain strategies for designing innovative workspaces
  • Explore space solutions to ensure success going forward
IDCEC approved for .1 HSW CEU credit

Booth Camp

Several factors go into a great booth design, including space planning, size and shape of the booth, choosing the parts needed for the functionality of the space, and selecting the right materials and finishes.


This course dives deeper into all these areas to help you design spaces with the best booth designs.


Register for the next virtual session on their website »


IDCEC approved for 1 credit hour
CS - CEUs - Table Logix Booth Camp
CS - CEUs - Ultrafabrics

Education at Ultrafabrics

Ultrafabrics goes beyond fabric to educate designers and architects on various areas within design. With the option for in-person or virtual presentations, Ultrafabrics supports your continuing education.

  • Polyurethane Fabric: Learn about the history of polyurethane and how to successfully specify high-performance fabric, including specification tips. (45 mins)
  • The Power of Color: Gain an understanding of how color can evoke feelings and create moods in a space. (45 mins)
  • Sense & Sustainability: Decipher sustainable standards, language, and goals for fabrics. (60 mins)
  • Designing with Sound: Demystify acoustician recommendations and test reports and gain a deeper understanding of acoustical comfort.
  • Designing for the Senses: Explore how to utilize the power of the senses to design an experience, not just a space.
AIA and IDCEC-approved for 1 credit/LU/HSW

How to Combat Superbugs

Superbugs in the healthcare environment cost millions of dollars each year. Instead of using harmful chemicals to control the spread of these ever-evolving bacteria, there is a safe solution: copper. 

  • Learn about superbugs and how they are affecting healthcare environments.
  • Explore the history, properties, and uses of copper.
  • Discover how copper can be used in acute environments to combat superbugs.
  • Learn how reducing or eliminating superbugs can help save lives and money.
IDCEC approved for 1 credit hour | HSW designation
CS - CEUs - Via Superbugs
CS - CEUs - Via Ergonomics

Ergonomics and the Future Workplace

Learn more about the evolution of work including risks and challenges facing knowledge workers due to; constant connectivity, technological trends, shifting norms & expectations, and the anticipated adaptation resulting from COVID-19. 

  • Review the changing landscape of the modern workplace
  • Understand ergonomics and strategic workplace design
  • Look at considerations for adaptation resulting from COVID
IDCEC approved for 1 credit hour | HSW designation
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