Quick Ship Programs

When time is of the essence, maintain quality and design with these quick ship programs.

BuzziSpace: Ready2Go

A variety of BuzziSpace’s fan-favorite acoustic solutions are in stock, ready to be shipped and installed quickly, like:

  • Privacy booths
  • Seating and ottomans
  • Acoustic lighting
  • Panels (desk, freestanding, and wall)
  • Planters and other accessories

While some items are available in various fabrics, materials, and finishes, others have been pre-selected in color combos curated by their designers.



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Dekko: 48 Hours

Dekko’s quick ship program  offers a variety of power and data solutions that ship in 48 hours – no minimum orders!

  • Freestanding power
  • Clamp-on power units
  • In-surface power units
  • Power strips
  • Wire managers and more

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Enwork: 10 Days or Less

Enwork has optimized many of their most-wanted products for shipping in 10 days or less:

  • Conference tables
  • Cafe tables
  • Training tables
  • Lecterns 
  • Mobile peds

This comprehensive program includes all standard laminates and paint finishes in table sizes up to 144″.


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ERG: 30/20 Days

ERG’s 30/20 Day Quick Ship program offers a wide variety of over 40 products, with upholstered solutions shipping in 30 days and tables + unupholstered seating in 20 days.

  • Wood chairs and stools
  • Poly shell chairs and stools
  • Lounge chairs
  • Modular lounge and ottomans
  • Occasional tables
  • Café tables
  • Training tables

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Ghent: 2, 3, & 10 Day Shipping

2 day standard shipping on whiteboards:

  • Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards (M1)
  • Painted Steel Whiteboard (M2)
  • Non-Magnetic Whiteboards (M3)
3 day quick ship program on white glass boards in all standard sizes, magnetic or non-magnetic, square or round corners:
  • Aria Low Profile Glassboards
  • Harmony Glassboards with Standoffs
10 day shipping on almost everything else, including custom products that are made-to-order.


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CS - QS - Tayco Coming Soon

Tayco: 10 Day Program

What we know so far:

  • Program available to all dealers
  • One day for order processing
  • 10 business day quick ship after processing
  • Select items and finishes from Switch, Volley, J1, and accessory lines
  • Product codes start with QL-
  • Standard freight policy applies

Stay tuned for more details!

Via Seating: 95% of Chairs in 4 Days

Via Seating doesn’t just have a quick ship program — they’re a quick ship company: over 95% of their offerings are quick ship.


Since opening their doors in 1987, Via Seating launched a 48-hour manufacturing time. With one day to process your order, two days to build it, and one day to process and ship out your products, the majority of their seating solutions can be on their way in just four days.


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Workspace48: 48 Hours for it All

Workspace48 is revolutionizing the way office furniture is bought and sold with modern designs, excellent quality, extremely well priced – and EVERYTHING ships in 48 hours! 

When we say everything, we’re talking complete, turn-key workplace solutions:

  • Height-adjustable desks and benching
  • Conference and training tables
  • Seating, including lounge solutions
  • Private office furniture
  • Reception desks

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